Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

Paris - post 1

I arrived at Paris Gare du Nord at 18:30 local time, and walked to the hotel.
Yes, walked. There was a queue for cabs and I couldn't be bothered waiting.

At the age of 15 I walked all over this city, and I thought nothing of it.
I don't think much of it now.
I can't belive it's so far from GdN to the Etoile! Perhaps I'm getting old.

Dinner was tagliatelle with basil, veal with mushrooms, chocolate torte, coffee. A bottle of Italian white.
Tomorrow will be a day of playing with ODBC connections between NT workstation and an AS400, and working out why we can't punch that connection through our firewall.
And in the evening? Well, they're showing "Seigneur des anneax:les deux tours" in local cinemas.
Home on Tuesday, probably.

And because I forgot to pack the relevant adapters, I'm connected at 9600 and vast expense at the moment.
2Mb connection from the office tomorrow, though.
More then.

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