Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

Flavoured vodkas

I make flavoured vodkas from time to time. I've had some remarkable successes and some memorable failures.

For reasons which will be clear to some of you but opaque to others, I've been making a bacon-flavoured version. The first attempt was sampled after a while, but it was very nasty (owing partly to a failure in managing the quantity of free fats) and had to be cautiously retired.

I've now made a version using crispy bacon, and I hope it'll develop with rather more success.

Take four ounces (uncooked weight) of unsmoked streaky bacon, and cook it until pretty much all the fat has been cooked out of it. Don't be scared if the meaty bits are slightly burnt. Find a one-litre bottle of vodka. Break the cooked bacon into strips narrow enough to fit through the neck of the bottle and drop it in. Add a small sloosh of something sweet you might be happy to cook pig products with -- in this case I used maple syrup but honey would probably work too. Shake the bottle well and let it stand around for a few weeks to mature.

It might be very nasty, it might be good. We'll just have to wait and see.

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