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"Thanksgiving, or Thanksgiving Day, is an annual one-day holiday to give thanks (traditionally to God) for ..."

I could write about Thanksgiving, but it would be hard to do better than this comment a few days ago from Sam, Susan's brother:
    "The Thanksgiving holiday will always be a reminder of Susan’s birthday for me. It will be good to see family over Thanksgiving, but this year it will be without Susan. She would have been 40 years old this year and her birthday will be remembered with great sadness. My thoughts will be with Susan, my family, Douglas, and the community of many people, whose lives’ Susan touched."
For thanksgiving last year, I was in Susan's flat -- it's covered here and here, with a bonus George Formby thread here. Thanksgiving this year will be quite different.

I'm thankful for Susan's life, and the time we were able to share together. I'm thankful for Susan's family, who looked after me very well while I was looking after Susan, and who looked after Susan very well when I wasn't able to. I'm thankful for good friends, friends who pick me up and look after me when I fall over, or who help me to do things which I find difficult, or who help me to have a good fun time when I'm feeling sound. I'm thankful for clients who send me money, or who phone me to ask for another day of my time, or who ask me if they can put another potential client my way. I'm thankful for continuing relatively good health, and continuing relative sanity, and I'm subconsciously thankful for a number of other things that don't rise above the radar sufficiently to make it onto this list.
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