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Meme: Ten things beginning with R

Last time I did this, I had ten things beginning with H. Now seph_hazard instructs me to think of ten things beginning with R.

This is a feature of far too few web pages. If you create a web page which isn't readable, the venture your web page is intended to promote deserves to fold. Readability, to my mind, means that your site should still be usable no matter which browser is in use, no matter what size of screen they're using, no matter whether they're using a "conventional" browser, or a text-only screen, or a Braille device, or a screen reader, or some mechanism you haven't thought of yet. And the other part of readability takes, as its basis, a decent grounding in ...

These are the three basic academic disciplines which are fundamental to an ability to function in the modern world. It's a great disappointment to me that many people fresh out of today's schools don't seem to have a command of these disciplines.

Redemption is a science fiction convention which takes place in the February of odd-numbered years. The next one is over the weekend of 23rd-25th February 2007. It'll be good.
There's a second meaning for this word, but I'll cover it in the next section, which is...

I write about this occasionally, and I'm usually keen to make explicit the yawning gulf between religion, a highly-structured and very public piece of theatre, and faith, a personal relationship with God which conditions my interaction with the rest of humanity. One of the key facets of my faith is the confidence that God continues to love me despite those occasions when my awareness of that relationship falters, a phenomenon closely associated with the religious concept of redemption.

Remote administration
This is a wonderful thing. It allows me to do things to computers far away without leaving the comfort of my chair. It's partially facilitated by...

Routers are the magic boxes that sit all over the Internet, making sure that traffic from over here ends up going to its proper destination over there. I normally describe the work I do as "mucking about with computers" or "mucking about with firewalls and mail servers", but I only have to fill a tiny bit more space to be persuaded to say "mucking about with firewalls, mail servers and routers".

Peter Paul Rubens was a 17th-century Flemish painter who gained a reputation for painting women with a particular body type, a body type which is now labelled with this adjective. It won't be a great surprise to most of my friends that my tastes coincide with Mr Rubens. If I'm in close proximity to someone I could reasonably describe as "Rubenesque", then my thoughts are at least reasonably likely to turn to...

Sex, vanilla sex, should be fun. It should be untidy and entertaining and likely to produce unanticipated noises. It deserves an alliterative and onomatopoeic term, and "rumpy-pumpy" fits the bill -- as well has having rather pleasing resonances with anatomical and fluid-dynamic terms.

Russell T Davies
I decided not to let the previous paragraph slide into RTD by way of an ellipsis, because I'm not sure my friends list wants to be subjected to the mental image of anything of mine sliding into RTD. Oh dear, sorry about that, it happened anyway. That was a bit innuendo-laden and unsubtle -- still, it's what he would want because it's exactly what he's been doing to Captain Jack and his colleagues over the past six weeks. Oh dear, I did it again. Never mind, so will RTD.

And finally rounding errors, because I thought I'd got ten and when I counted there were only nine on the list. That's fairly common for me -- at least I usually remember to count.

If you'd like me to give you a letter, please ask in a comment.
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