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There's a perception that Advent starts on December 1st, probably because all the commercially-available Advent calendars start today. Of course we all know that Advent starts on the fourth Sunday before Christmas, but there's no reason why we should let liturgical accuracy get in the way of commercialism ... so here's a post about Advent.

In fact, I'm repeating a comment I've posted elsewhere.
    Advent is about a beginning. It's about a time when the rules changed, when people were released from the old way of doing things and offered a new covanent, when people were released from what was imprisoning them and given new life.

    Christmas, as well as being a celebration of Christ's birth, is also a celebration of his birthday. Every year we stick him back in the cradle and call him "baby Jesus", but every year he grows older, becomes more adult. Christmas comes to remind us that our relationship with God has grown up, that the new life is beginning.

    Elsewhere, in response to one of my other sermons, someone wrote:
      But what you've got here is an entirely different way of approaching it; not to ignore any feelings of sadness but to come at the whole thing from a different angle, an angle where they aren't there anyway.

    Read John 10:10. Some memories are good, but some memories only come to steal and to kill and to destroy. Christ came that you may have life, and have it in abundance. Special offer, repeated every day. Take it.

    Have a blessed Advent.

I wrote about Advent three years ago, here.

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