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Managing stress levels

Some of you read this journal to follow my adventures in local politics.

I've sent an email to the constituency association chairman telling him that I'm withdrawing from active participation in Bracknell Conservative Association, although I'm intending to maintain my association membership.

The purpose of my participation was to help to get candidates for the borough and town council into office next May. Unfortunately the constituency association has forced upon us two candidates which I'll find difficult to campaign for, one who has done nothing during her term of office over the last three years, and one who we'd neither seen nor heard of before the selection meeting. If I'm involved in the campaign in my ward, I'll find myself saying things which are neither helpful to the campaign, nor particularly politic... or I'll find that the act of refraining from saying these things causes me unacceptable levels of stress.

I'm trying to reduce the amount of stress to which I subject myself.

You'll remember my recent post where we were trying to pick a date for a meeting between the association chairman, the two candidates, and myself -- a post where I quoted one of the candidates' emails in which she used all capitals, spelt the other candidate's name in two different ways, and suggested a date which had already been ruled out? The two candidates have now fixed the meeting for another date which had previously been discounted, and it was evident that it was wise for me to stand down.

Reducing Stress 101, a reading course from an LJ near you.
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