Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

What I've been doing

Yesterday evening I went to the Tun, which was curiously crowded. As one of the last four to leave, the bar staff asked me to look after a wooly hat which someone had left behind -- if you suspect it may be yours, let me know.

Went down to lproven's to stop overnight, which was planned. Ate his excellent toast and drank lots of his fine whisky, which was not planned. Talked a lot of bollocks and repeated myself a bit as a consequence. Am today slightly fragile. It was good whisky. I'm having a pint of water for breakfast.

Today he and I have a meeting about the book (translation: we're going to muck around with computers a lot).

This afternoon I'm going back into London for a bit of Masonic activity. We're initiating W Bro Secretary's son. Brother JD is unavoidably absent, so Brother SD will be doing his work and I'm standing in to do Brother SD's job in his stead. I have an unusually long two days notice of this extra responsibility -- normally this is the sort of thing I get landed with five minutes before the meeting.

Saturday will involve wandering around London museums with watervole in the middle of the day, and celebrating d_floorlandmine's birthday in the evening. I'm supposed to be in York with ZZ9ers, but York is a long way away and London is nearby.

Sunday is a day of rest.

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