Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

Note to self: Movements over Christmas

Wed 13th, Chapter meeting in Henley on Thames.
Thu 14th, meeting with liam_on_linux.
Fri 15th, choir rehearsal for Sunday.
Sat 16th, Cherry's 60th birthday party.
Sun 17th, Church activities all day.
Mon/Tue 18th/19th, open to suggestions.
Wed/Thu 20th/21st, probably with liam_on_linux again. Pub meetings in London both evenings.
Fri 22nd, off to Mother's.
Wed 27th, back from Mother's.
Thu/Fri 28th/29th, working with former boss B on a former client's office move.
Sat 30th, wait and see.
Sun 31st, collecting people and going to Sheffield for Hogswatch.
Mon 1st, delivering people home again.
Tue 2nd, sleep.

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