Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

Today I are mostly been conrunning...

I've been spending a few days at Mother's.

After a very late night post-Tun, a phone call from my mother at about ten to eleven on Friday morning -- "So you haven't left the house yet, then?" -- finally got me out of bed. I told her that I was reasonably confident that I'd be leaving around noon, but it was a little later than that when I finally left.

A three-and-a-half hour drive to Mother's took almost exactly five hours. The fog made the M4 very slow, with a little help from a rogue swan on the opposite carriageway. M5 was a rather less crowded but still fog-bound, with visibility steadily decreasing the further west I got, until by the time I got to Bideford I couldn't see from one side of the road to the other. Parked outside Mother's really very tired indeed, and spent the evening collapsed in front of the telly with Cornish pasties.

Batteries in one of Mother's remote controls were exhausted. She directed me to a stockpile of batteries in a little box on a shelf in the kitchen, but brief experimentation revealed that these too were mostly empty.

Saturday was last-minute Christmas shopping, a top-up present for my brother and presents for two nephews, followed by lots of wrapping, and Sunday involved accompanying Mother to a preaching appointment in a small village chapel with a superb organist and some good singers in a congregation totalling about eight. Turkey for Sunday lunch (in order to provide us with cold turkey for teatime on Christmas day). Torchwood on the telly, and then a midnight service in Lavington URC church in Bideford town centre, a much larger congregation and a very nice bunch of people.

Pen used for scoring in Mother's Scrabble set was exhausted. She directed me to a stockpile of pens in a little jar on the coffee table, but brief experimentation revealed that these too were mostly empty.

No church service on Christmas day morning -- just a bit of a lie-in and then pottering around in the kitchen acting as sous to Mother. The local Minister Jane was with us for lunch (one of Richard's geese), and in the afternoon we had a little stroll over the hill to the lifeboat station and then around the headland over the rocks near the low-water mark to the car park on the quay. An evening groaning with excess eating, and a complete failure to watch Doctor Who (it's in the download queue on the server at home).

Today has been spent conrunning. This has involved designing, laying up and printing invitations to Mother's 70th birthday party next June, cleaning up Mother's database of addresses, and trying to remember how to do mail-merge.

Black ink cartridge in Mother's printer was exhausted. She directed me to a spare cartridge on the shelf in her office, but brief experimentation revealed that this too was empty.

There is loads of food left. I think I'll be given lots to take away with me when I head home tomorrow morning.

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