Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

What I've been doing for New Year's Eve

On the morning of the 31st I drove to Basingstoke railway station to collect watervole, and then to SE London to collect seph_hazard, and then drove them both to Sheffield, where the three of us arived at Julia-NOLJ's house to dump bags and catch up on stuff.

Julia then drove us over to frandowdsofa's house for the New Year's Eve Hogswatch party, where there was loads of stuff to eat and drink and lots of excellent company. It was a really good party. Julia took Judith (with asthma) back to her house and to bed not long after midnight but Abi and I stuck it out until about 4am when Julia returned to fetch us.

Overnight at Julia's. Judith disappeared into Sheffield with her sister at some hideously early time in the morning, but those of us who were partying until the small hours were raised in the early afternoon.

We returned to Fran's to help make a tiny dent in the leftovers, and then I bundled the girls back into the car to head south at about 6pm.

We got Judith back to Basingstoke at around half-nine, and then (dropping in at my house to collect the laptop) got Abi back home at around half-eleven. I'm overnight on the living room futon here, and then off to a nearly-local client in the morning.

There's a good reason why January 2nd is a bank holiday in Scotland.

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