Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

A question about MS Binder

Microsoft Office 2000 (and certain earlier versions) came with an application called Binder. It allows the user to take a collection of Office documents (Word and Excel files, for the most part), bind them together, and treat them as if they're a single file.

Office 2003 didn't have Binder. It had a tool which would unbind Binder files and drop all the component document files into a single directory, but no mechanism for re-binding them, and no mechanism for working on files within a binder.

There's a workaround which involves installing Office 2003, and then installing Binder from the Office 2000 CD and changing the file association so that Binder files open in Binder 2000 instead of in Office 2003's unbinder applet.

Does anyone know if there's a new improved (and supported) MS Binder in Office 2007, or if there's a compatible Binder application from a third party, that's going to still be supported after Office 2000 reaches end-of-life?

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