Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

A day in Bournemouth

So today I've spent going around shops in the company of julesjones, predatrix and watervole, three women who, if not more isane than I, are certainly equipped with more filthy-mindedness than I could possibly hope to deploy. We'd always intended to visit a couple of sex shops, but we started with coffee and I believe our conversation scared not only the staff and other customers in the café, but also the occupants of the bookshop downstairs, and the sex shop was still four or five hours away. After that we went into a bit of a decline.

I've got suitable equpment for a couple of the workshops at yearoftheteledu and a copy of "Scouts in Bondage". The ladies mostly ended up with clothing and chocolate. We're now back chez watervole for coffee and cake.

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