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First Paris, and now this ...

Andy: "Have you got your diary handy?"
DougS: "No, but talk to me anyway."
Andy: "Can you go to Copenhagen on the 26th for a few days?"
DougS: "Why, what's going on?"
Andy: "We need someone to do something with an SNA server."
DougS: "Okay. There's just two things -- I can't speak Dutch, and I don't know anything about SNA."
Andy: "You don't need to speak Dutch."
DougS: "No?"
Andy: "No. Copenhagen's in Denmark, they speak Danish."

So I'm going to Copenhagen next weekend.

The question now is whether or not I can spend all Saturday afternoon and evening drinking with flick, bond_warble, redbrown, cardboardnewman, adelheid, beermat and hddod and still make it to LHR on Sunday.
(Don't be smug or offended because you're listed first or last -- the order is chosen for constitutional reasons)

Not to mention all that stuffing.

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