Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

Internet fixed ...

Phone call to NTL technical support:
    Dial, long wait, piped music, followed by Hello, my Internet appears to be down.

    Ah, that's due to a problem with your account being overdue for payment. You need to redial our accounts department.
Phone call to NTL accounts department:
    Dial, long wait, piped music, followed by Hello, your technical support department tell me that my Internet has been turned off because my account is overdue for payment. I understood that everything was on Direct Debit?

    That's correct, sir. There's no problem with your account.

    So why is has my Internet been cut off?

    I have no idea. There, I've turned it back on again for you.

As I've consistently said, NTL infrastructure is perfectly sound (with the exception of their transparent proxy farm), whereas their administration is astonishingly bad.

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