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What I did this weekend

On Saturday I drove to Leicestershire to collect the_major and then proceeded to Nottingham for a Day of the Teledu, the latest in a series of planning meetings for yearoftheteledu, a convention we're holding in Leicester in July. We're making good progress, fleshing out the programme grid and batting around ideas for further programme items. It's looking good.

Having missed breakfast and lunch, having survived thus far solely on the crisps, cake and coffee served during the meeting, after the meeting we strode off into Beeston High Street in search of food, which was furnished by a local outlet which also provided the inspiration for my truly dreadful "Thai Food" joke of last night. Unlike the joke, the food was quite good. While a small group of people waited in the shop for the food to emerge, Clara and I wandered out in search of an off-license -- but we had to walk to the very very other end of time the high street to find the required alcohol in a local supermarket. We returned to our venue and leapt eagerly into the noodles.

After the food, the party. Those of you who have observed my conduct in parties will know what to expect in the narrative now: An evening rolling around on the floor in the hope of making sustained close physical contact with the bodies of young people, deftly guiding the conversaton towards dubious topics, and taking photos in random directions in the hope of getting pictures which, if uploaded somewhere, would result in howls of anguish and requests to remove the links. In fact, that's exactly what happened, with the added bonus that while I was writhing around on the floor my camera went on a sort of tour and other people took some even more entertaining pictures. Since I haven't uploaded any photos since approximately last July, no-one's in any imminent danger of being embarrassed online just yet.

The party sort of disintegrated at about 2am, and Clara and I set off into the night in the company of hawkida and johncoxon. We'd gone ohh, several hundred yards and it emerged that we didn't know where we were going and the map was in the boot under everyone's bags and coats. A brief act of excavation later and we were driving once more. We got to Peterborough and dropped John and Max off at Max's house, popping in briefly for "a coffee" which turned into a dry-run for Max's Machinima panel for YotT. Sign up, it'll be good. And then I drove Clara back home, arriving a few minutes after 5am. "You'll forgive me", she said, "if I go straight to sleep now."

This morning I emerged at about 11am to find Clara already in the kitchen, microwaving bread and playing with vegetarian bacon. We sat around being half-asleep and confused until nerosmaster arrived a little after noon to take Clara back to Nottingham for ZZ9 purposes, at which point I came home.

I don't quite recall what I've done this afternoon. It involved a chicken and assorted vegetables, I think, but I wasn't fully awake at any point, and I'm going to give myself an early night. I have an early start tomorrow, but with any luck I'll be finished by lunchtime and I can come home for more sleep.

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