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Last Sunday, Next Sunday, and Today.

Last week was Paris.
Next week will be Copenhagen.
Today is ... (drum roll) ... London. Golly gee.

Last week was ODBC connections to an AS400 punched through a firewall.
Next week is SNA server traffic punched through a firewall.
Today is ... (drum roll) ... sitting and watching a tape backup.

Even though I never saw any of Paris, even though I doubt I'll see much of Copenhagen (and I've never been there before), both of those trips will be immeasurably more exciting than today.

... Backup 7% complete ... Have I got any more email? ... What's happening in the world of LJ? ... Still no email for me? ... I'll just try rewriting my current recalcitrant bit of fiction again ... Backup 9% complete ... Let me just check my email once more ... write another poem ... Backup 10% complete ...

Be still, my beating heart.

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