Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

Fully charged in the South...

Yesterday (Thursday) exhibited a disproportionate number of short-term changes of plan. I have been, at different times over the past few days, been going to spend Thursday in any one of about eight different places, including Judith's, Liam's, and each of three different clients. In fact in the end I spent much of it in the car running around between Staines, Slough, and other places beginning with S, moving random bits of kit about.

Today, by contrast, looked more predictable... a leisurely morning, lunch at the Battersea beer festival, and then an afternoon/evening spent watching other people working at Freemason's Hall. Until, practically simultaneously, one of the disks in one of the household servers came to a very untidy and noisy demise -- and the Worshipful Master phoned to ask if I fancied participating in this afternoon's ceremony. So I didn't get to Battersea for the second day running, I didn't get to glance at the book before tonight's ceremony, and what with rebuilding the server I only just arrived ar FMH in time for the start of the ceremony.

Between all this, there was a text from Clara saying "can we hold off starting work tomorrow until noon? there are things I have to do..."

So I'll have a rest tomorrow morning, then.

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