Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

A couple of weeks full of changes of plans

I've had just one day of chargeable work in February, right at the start of the month. On Monday 5th I was helping a client set up all his old kit in a new office, after he moved it all out of the previous office himself the preceding Friday.

I've had a few days on which I've been working for clients doing things I can't invoice for due to contractual reasons, but the month has mostly been filled with short-term changes of plans. I've had a photoshoot suddenly acquire extra models, I've had visits to equipment vendors which have changed dates because of the availability of third parties, I've had days during which time writing books about computers has been replaced with time repairing different computers, and days during which time mucking about with music and singing has turned into time doing hotel liaison for conventions. I've turned up to Masonic meetings expecting to be a spectator and been landed with substantial slices of complicated ritual to conduct, and I've turned up to Church meetings which have been rescheduled to earlier dates with announcements that I haven't been in Church to hear.

But today was a bit of a record.

I've turned up at Mother's for a few days, arriving yesterday lunchtime. I would normally expect to have a little list of PC support questions waiting for me, but things have improved with Mother's familiarity with the system, and for the second consecutive visit there are no open issues.

However, one of my clients has spent about three hours on the phone to me today, fighting with a Blackberry/Exchange syncronisation issue and trying to resolve a couple of other things while he's at it. This has taken a substantial slice out of my time with Mother, and also kept me away from other bits of communication that I should have been keeping up with more efficiently. In particular I've failed to make a phone call I should have made, and have missed out on a couple of other things I should really have spotted earlier. My apologies to all concerned.

In other news, after Redemption at the end of the week my calendar is starting to fill up, and I have three and a half days of paying work in the first half of March and more promised.

I need a holiday. Oh wait...

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