Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

Misadventures at Redemption

In a friends-locked entry, a friend writes as follows:
    Why is it so difficult? It's only a few words.
    But it's a few words that could change everything - for the worse as easily as for the better. And there's a security and comfort to be found in maintaining the status quo.
As some of you know, I've been trying to build up the courage and find the words for a similar exercise, and the conversation concerned took place last night.

It's difficult, as this friend points out, but it's done now. It wasn't a success, but neither was it a failure, and the status quo has survived with just one significant change: that now she knows how I feel. She didn't run away screaming, she didn't point and laugh, we can still delight in each other's company, and her stated reasons for not taking it further are thoughtful, caring, and sound. For which I thank her.

The French have a proverb, "the more it changes, the samer it gets". I know what they mean. The world today is significantly different from the world yesterday, although nothing has changed.

To the friend I've quoted above: If you can find a way, go for it. If everything changes for the better, that's wonderful and I rejoice with you. And if not, I trust that enough of the status quo survives to maintain your security and comfort at useful levels.

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