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Buchanan Clark and Wells Ltd - Songs of innocence and of experience [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Douglas Spencer

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Buchanan Clark and Wells Ltd [Mar. 15th, 2007|08:30 pm]
Douglas Spencer
Suggestions invited for better ways of wording the following letter.
    Buchanan Clark & Wells Ltd
    BCW House
    24 George Square
    G2 1EG

    Ref. No: L718191 – Vodafone – Mrs Patricia Anne Spencer

    Dear Sirs

    I took a phone call from yourselves at the end of February 2007 from someone seeking to speak to Mrs Spencer. I told the caller that their database was out of date and enquired why they wished to talk to her, but they declined to say. They were quite insistent that I should get a message to her, or provide a forwarding address, but consistently refused to explain the nature of their business.

    I explained to the caller that Mrs Spencer had died on 5th September 2001 (over five years earlier), and that their quest to make contact with her was doomed to failure. To their further inquiry I confirmed that I was Mrs Spencer’s widower.

    They explained that they were chasing a small debt against Mrs Spencer which was owed to Vodafone, and I replied that they stood no chance of recovering that debt. My caller made a note on her computer system to the effect that Mrs Spencer had died in 2001. Further to their request, a day or two later I sent a copy of Mrs Spencer’s death certificate to your Glasgow address, explaining in a covering letter that I needed it to be returned subsequently and enclosing a stamped self-addressed envelope for the purpose.

    I quite understand that these loose ends need to be tied up, and I don’t feel any ill-will towards your company for the call I received from yourselves at the end of February.

    However I have just now (19:52, 15th March 2007) received a second call from yourselves, in very similar terms, seeking to talk to Mrs Spencer. The script played itself out in much the same fashion as I have detailed in the first two paragraphs above, at which point my caller delved further into the computer system and discovered the record of my earlier call.

    My caller tells me that she has made a note on her computer system to the effect that BCW will be writing off the debt and will not be phoning me again.

    You’ll appreciate that this second call doesn’t bring forth the same understanding generated by the first call.

    I would like the copy death certificate I sent your company a couple of weeks ago to be returned as requested. Additionally I’d very much like someone in a position of authority to write to me explaining how your company exhibited such startling incompetence in placing the second call, and apologising for the distress and inconvenience caused.

    Yours sincerely

    Douglas Spencer
Edit: Now sent, with a suitable re-wording of "just now" in the fifth paragraph.

[User Picture]From: filkerdave
2007-03-15 08:36 pm (UTC)
I have better wording to use. Unfortunately, all the words are very rude ones.
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: trav28
2007-03-15 09:34 pm (UTC)
Christ, you show so much restraint. Although, I do detect an edge of acidity here which is most understandable.
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: pisica
2007-03-16 10:05 am (UTC)
Ditto on the restraint; I've send more irascible letters to the bus company.

Sounds fine to me.
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: watervole
2007-03-15 10:05 pm (UTC)
That's awful.

I think I'd send it pretty much as you've written it. You were polite.

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[User Picture]From: aperrott
2007-03-15 10:26 pm (UTC)
That sounds very reasonable to me.
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From: jamesb
2007-03-16 01:44 am (UTC)
That's a well put letter, you may get an apology, but I would be more worried about getting your cert back.

I fear those type of things going missing, and like the way a solicitor can sign a colour photocopy and its a real one.

I must say though, that I was very close to my grandfather, my namesake, and he died about 17 years ago, he was a great grandad and better friend.

Interestingly a hearing aid company in Dublin occasionally send him mail, and since my parents live where he did, where I did too, this mail is put aside for me, along with the rest of my genuine mail.

Initially years and years ago I was going to take umbrage, and write and get them to stop, but I would forget. Now its an irregular reminder to think about someone who is gone and its nice to do so, so I am rather grateful for the letters.

He used to turn the hearing aid off when he wanted to tune out of conversations, quite amusing really.

anyhow, we are living in times of faceless huge companies who only care about profits and who talk about customer service because they should, and its not really a good thing, but on days like today, its could be better.


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[User Picture]From: johncoxon
2007-03-16 07:41 am (UTC)
Filthy bastards.
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: seph_hazard
2007-03-16 10:49 am (UTC)
As someone else said, I have much better wording to use and it's probably unprintable. You've been reasonable and polite, and that letter sent as is will be fine.

But good grief. It's just ridiculous that they're doing this, and I bloody well hope you get that apology. The sim card I've been using in my phone for the past two years or so used to belong to James, and I too am still getting calls like this from various organisations at the rate of about one every three months. Thankfully no one company has yet rung me more than once-and if they did, I'd probably have a conniption fit to end all.
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