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J Sainsbury and the Red Nose Day of Doom

Well, Sainsbury's in Bagshot Road Bracknell was a deeply, deeply unpleasant place at 5pm. There was a huge troupe of staff in cowboy hats and bright red waistcoats grimly linedancing immediately inside the entrance so people pushing trolleys had to work their way round the edge of the store and force themselves through the queue at the lottery/confectionery counter, and there was particularly loud piped line-dancing music playing throughout the store. It was impossible to move and impossible to think.

I stuck it for about four minutes -- long enough to put about three items into my basket -- and, as "don't stop till you get enough" started to blast across the store, I dumped my basket where I stood and strode out through the linedancers, over the bales of hay [wtf?], into the car park and to blessed freedom.

I did my shopping somewhere else.

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