Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

What I'm doing

On Saturday I went to Julia WINOLJ's birthday up in Sheffield. There was, as you'd expect, astonishing amounts of food and drink. There were also large numbers of rubber ducks. There was assorted good company, some people were vaguely flirting (some of them vaguer than others), and a generally entertaining time was had. I have photos, including a couple of beermat's cranial-anatrine-osculation injury.

On Sunday in the morning early afternoon afternoon, I went to see frandowdsofa, in a different bit of Sheffield, to talk about the "songs of praise" thing that's happening at Eastercon.

On Monday I went to see watervole, down in Dorset, where we talked about the "obscene filking" thing that's happening at Eastercon, to play with musical instruments, and do a few other things too.

On Tuesday morning I took coffee with a couple of senior local Tory ladies (don't worry, I haven't taken on any real work, although I'll probably do a bit of leafleting in the few weeks between Easter and the vote), and in the evening I went to the licensing I posted about a couple of entries ago, where I bumped into one of these ladies again.

Today I've been sitting around coughing up great green lumps of phlegm and wondering why it is that my head hurts and I'm more deaf than usual. Fortunately I didn't have anything planned during the day, but it does mean that tonight I'm missing the ZZ9 pub meeting for the second month running. I seem still to be able to think straight, so I don't think I'm actually ill. If I am, I'll claim that I caught it off those dastardly Anglicans, probably the Bishop of Reading.

Tomorrow (assuming I'm better) I'm going to see a client in order to do arcane things to their Exchange message store.

On Friday, it rather looks as if I'm going to go "clubbing". Not really a normal activity of mine these days -- last time was four and a bit years ago, and while it was quite a bit of fun I think there are certain differences between that club and this one -- but we'll see how it goes. I'm willing to find it entertaining.

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