Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

Eastercon Schedule, 5th to 10th April

For ease of reference, for myself and my stalkers, this is what I'm doing for the forthcoming convention:

Driving up with seph_hazard, watervole and exalted_mugwump. Probably arriving mid-afternoon. Booking into the Crowne Plaza in Chester.
Attending emergency substitute Tun in the hotel bar.

19:00 Dinner with assorted Sheffield not-just-Sheffield fans, as organised by Julia (WiNoLJ).
23:00 Programme Item "I'm Sorry I Haven't an SF-ing Clue".

19:00 Programme Item "Doctor Who".
22:00 Programme Item "Bad people Bad sex Bad Wolf".
23:00 Programme Item "First Fumblings".

09:00 Programme Item "Songs of Praise".
22:00 Programme Item "Obscene Filk Workshop".

Goodness me, I seem not to be programmed for anything on Monday.

Driving home again, probably with the same passengers. Going to bed.
Tags: conventions

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