Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

JETS results announced

Warmest congratulations to Chris O'Shea (the_magician), who has been selected to represent European fandom to Japanese fans at the World Science Fiction Convention in Yokahama, Japan, at the end of August 2007. More about JETS, including some comments from the winner, a breakdown of the voting, and some other numbers, are available on the JETS webpages from The League of Fan Funds site.

I'm looking forward to a good Trip Report. People who are interested may wish to add jets2007 to their friends page.

Well done and thanks to all the candidates and their nominators, the administrators, the voters, and everone involved in fanfundery in its various forms.

Now, if you're qualified to vote in GUFF and have yet to do so, you only have a couple of days left. Go for it.

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