Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

Energy Saving Bulbs

Ah, people (some of them) go on at me about energy saving bulbs, and I'm gradually replacing them.

The bathroom ceiling light takes the screw-in ("Edison") type of bulb instead of the bayonet type, and it's been impossible to find suitable bulbs of the energy-saving type (40W of light with only 10W of electricity) which aren't of such a laughably huge physical size that they wouldn't fit into the fitting, either preventing me from re-attaching the shade or fouling the housing so they couldn't even be screwed in. My favourite green evangelist had told me that I'd have to replace the whole light fitting, which was more work (and more expense) than I'd wanted to undertake.

Now, however, I've found screw-in energy saving bulbs which are of a comparable physical size to the existing filament bulbs, and I've just this second fitted them.


Ring Lighting, Leeds: there's an irony in a lighting company having a website which doesn't work without flash.

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