Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

GUFF results announced

Warmest congratulations to Ang (ang_grrr), who has been selected to represent European fandom to Australian fans at Convergence 2, the Australian National Science Fiction Convention in Melbourne, Australia, in June 2007. She's expressed an intention also to attend Conspiracy II, the National Science Fiction Convention of New Zealand, also in June.

The official announcement appeared in (amongst other places) the fanfunds LJ, and more will be appearing shortly on the TAFF site's GUFF page and on Juliette's GUFF page.

The Trip Report will be presented in the form of interpretative dance at a convention in Leicester in July of which some of you will already be aware. People who are interested may wish to add yearoftheteledu to their friends page.

Well done and thanks to all the candidates and their nominators, the administrators, the voters, and everone involved in fanfundery in its various forms.

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