Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer


I make this post for three especial reasons.

Firstly to observe that, given that I'm full of startling quantities of red wine (and some Chinese food, but mostly red wine), it's only fair that I've been speaking astonishing amounts of bollocks tonight.

Secondly to observe that my brother Richard (whom some of you will have met) has been speaking even more astonishing amounts of bollocks. Given that he's even more full of red wine than I, this too is only fair.

Thirdly to express my thanks to Mother, and Richard's assumed thanks to Tamsin, for their patience in dealing with both of us in our respective states of advanced inebriation.

Fourthly to express my thanks, and those of Richard and Tamsin, to my mother for picking up the bill for the aforementioned food and drink, and for driving all of us to the restaurant and back.

Fifthly ... what was fifthly? Oh, yes, the "conrunning" of the title -- plans for Mother's 70th birthday party are well advanced. Dealings with the hotel are proceeding as planned, membership stands at about 120 which is about where we'd like them to be, and the programme is coming together nicely. Many thanks to Richard for Hotel Liaison and myself for running the membership database, and for both of us for being in charge of programming.

And finally, sixthly, to note that I'd clearly miscounted when I typed "three" in the first line of this post.

There may have been typos, I'll fix them in the morning.

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