Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer


I've been shopping. I need to do more shopping. But first some arithmetic.

Monday, in Pavers at Atlantic Village: Two pairs of shoes, about £120.

Wednesday (today), at Humphries in Bracknell: Four new tyres, about £300.

As soon as I see one I like: New denim jacket, since this one is wearing out. Getting up towards £100.

Sometime in May: New laptop. I'm currently faffing about spec and so on, probably something like £1200.

Sometime in June: New PDA, probably with a change of GPRS data contract and a new carrier, probably about £400 depending on the contract.

Also sometime in June: Car service (75,000 miles) and an MOT. Car tax. No idea how much in total, but at least a couple of hundred.

Must do some invoicing. Oh, wait, my invoicing is up to date. Must do some work. Blast.

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