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... Sheffield, yes.

I've just got home from a very good weekend.

On Friday we went to the sheffield_sf monthly pub meeting, where we were celebrating frandowdsofa's birthday and discussing fanfic. I'd taken along a small heap of my stuff, and there was stuff from other writers too, and various people said various nice things about it.

On Saturday afternoon we went to the botanical gardens in Sheffield, somewhere I hadn't been before, and had a picnic. It's a nice place. From there we proceeded to Fran's house where we had Doctor Who on a big screen, and an infeasibly huge quantity of Chinese food.

I finally left Sheffield at about half six on Sunday evening, rather later than I'd originally intended.

And, since it's traditional to leave the real point of a post such as this to become a small aside in the final paragraph, I should now say that I spent all of these activities, and all of the intervening time, in the company of Julia (WI, despite my continuing efforts, still NOLJ) -- and I've enjoyed her company very much more comprehensively than has been possible or appropriate in the past. Very very much more fully than before. And it's been a thoroughly excellent way to spend the weekend. Ahem. Hurrah!

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