Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

Timeline of interaction with an idiot.

25th August 2004: Gmail invites are rare. I have two available, and I'm asked to send one to a friend of a friend. This friend-of-a-friend, of whom I've never heard, thereby joins gmail.

Throughout all of the intervening 979 days: I have no contact at all with this friend-of-a-friend, and that's not a surprise because I have nothing in common with him at all other than the fact that we share a friend in common.

To the best of my knowledge he knows nothing about me -- I certainly know nothing about him.

Yesterday: I get an email notification that he's requested to add me as a friend on Facebook. This email arrives at an email address I don't routinely use, that I never hand out. There's nothing in the invitation to identify the source other than the person's name, a name which is completely unfamiliar to me. If I go to Facebook, I can't do anything (such as looking him up to find out about him) without signing up for the site.

Fortunately I'm good at searching through old emails, and I discover that he's the complete stranger with whom I had a single contact nearly three years ago.

He still knows nothing about me, to the best of my knowledge. However, I now know one crucial piece of extra information about him: He's a tosser, a complete idiot.

There's a new rule in my mail filters referring to "Callum Mark Wright".

Edit: Clearly I'm having a bad day.

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