Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

Polling day volunteering

Yesterday, Julia (WIN, as we know, OLJ) described me as "playing snap rather than patience". She was quite right.

Today I've tried very hard to play patience, and while I haven't succeeded I managed not to play snap either.

The party of my choice, having previously failed to select candidates I could feel good about backing in the ward in which I live and vote, specifically asked me to work as an election-day volunteer in a neighbouring ward, a ward in which there are candidates about whom I do feel good. It now transpires that they're not capable of organising their volunteers properly, something to do with the right hand not knowing what the other right hand is doing.

Therefore I have an unanticipated day off. I'm going to go into London several hours early and have a leisurely day wandering around the shops, seeking that zen-like distance from stress which will enable me, by the time I arrive at the Tun, to behave like a fit member of well-ordered society rather than a candidate for an ASBO.

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