Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

A moment of confusion...

As my laptop boots, a single keystroke at the appropriate moment will direct it to boot into Windows, from which I can start Outlook in order to read my Pipex email which, despite my stated intention to the contrary, is still my default email address and the address at which most of my email arrives. I have separate mechanisms with which to read my email when I'm running Windows.

Without such a keystroke, the laptop boots into Linux, from which I can start Evolution in order to read my email. Cue total confusion when, in my very thoroughly inebriated state, I can't remember quite how I'm supposed to read my Pipex email. In fact, I've deliberately set up no particular mechanism to do so from Linux, partly as an incentive to accelerate the move over to the new address... but that doesn't help me in my current state of ethanol-assisted advanced confusion.

Ah well. I've just rebooted once again to get Outlook for Windows. I must install VMware for Linux at some stage. Oh, wait, that's what I'm going to do when the new laptop arrives in a couple of week's time.

Zootlewurdle zootlewurdle...

In other news, my spell checker wants to remove "zootlewurlde" and replace it with "rootlessness".

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