Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

Wyvern Lodge Ladies Festival

What's a "Ladies Festival", then?

Well, the problem arises because we Freemasons (not Wee-Free masons, they're quite different) go out to our meetings several times a year, leaving our womenfolk at home. Once a year, to address this serious issue, we encourage them to dress up really nicely and take them out for a really wonderful evening involving fine food, good wine, nice music, constant politeness, ceaseless compliments and all that sort of thing... in the hopeless delusion that it'll mean they'll be okay with us going out with the lads all the time over the preceding/ensuing year. Each lodge hosts a Ladies Festival once a year, where the wife/girlfriend/partner of the Master of the Lodge for the current year is fêted most especially, but all the other ladies are treated very nicely too.

On Saturday I collected flick and we went up to Freemason's Hall in Leicester for Wyvern Lodge Ladies Festival as guests of archaro, who'd also invited purple_peril to grace his arm, together with another couple of friends, Martin and Tanya WANOLJ. It was a jolly good evening, the ladies all looked stunning, and the gentlemen and bretheren were very pleased to have had the opportunity to spend some time in such delightful company.

if you get the chance to go to a Masonic Ladies Festival, go for it.

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