Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

Ten years ago today, and today

Ten years ago today, 17th May 1997, was the day that I got married to Anne.

Accordingly, I wasn't looking forward to today much.

However, I've spent the day in Dorset with watervole and waveney, pottering about near Chesil Beach and The Fleet, and waiting patiently while they coo over other people's vegetable patches. waveney, a keen birdwatcher, broke his glasses early in the day, so there was a lot of "can you see the skylark?"/"no" going on. Nevertheless, he got to see some skylarks, together with shelducks, whimbrels, something that could have been either a cormorant or a shag, and various other things I fail to recall. We're back at their house now, and shortly he's going to go and cook something, probably involving vegetables and cheese.

So the day's been a great deal less awful than it might have been.

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