Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

Free Stuff!

I've been doing a lot of clearing up, as previously advertised, ably assisted (and directed) by watervole.

As a result of this about sixteen bags of recyclables, and eleven bags of rubbish, have been taken down to the site where they need to be taken -- and a complete "green" wheelie-bin (which is, in fact, blue) of recyclable two-litre Diet Coke bottles (squashed) has been accumulated for our regular household collection, which occurs tomorrow.

And I have a sofa on which three people (or four or five reasonably patient or friendly people) can simultaneously sit.


As a result, we have unearthed assorted things for which I have no use, and which therefore qualify for inclusion in my first participation in the ever-popular "Free Stuff!" meme.

  • One cage, originally intended for chinchillas but probably suitable for any one of a variety of small mammals of similar size. It's about eighteen inches front-to-back, about two and a half feet wide and a little over thee feet tall. It's made of wire mesh with the wires about three-quarters of an inch apart, there's some internal furniture -- a ladder and a balcony.
  • One child's high chair, made of good quality wood in a light pine colour.
  • Loads of children's books, suitable for children of various ages up to about fourteen.
  • Two matching stools (like piano stools, but less robust and not adjustable for height), white painted mock-Queen Anne legs, light beige upholstered seats -- might make footstools, but they're a little high.
  • Random selection of cuddly toys, mostly teddies.
Also I'll be looking at ways of eBaying a large collection of small ceramic bears engaged in various [clean] activities, and a large collection of thimbles. There are probably about two hundred of each of these items. If anyone wants to leap in before they hit the Internet, or if anyone wants to manage their sale on my behalf for a cut, then please give me a shout.

In other news, I'm totally knackered and bits of me hurt. Ah well. I'm not used to carrying bin bags (or, indeed, to tidying up at all).

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