Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

What happened yesterday ...

Yesterday I went to seph_hazard's place to watch lots and lots of Torchwood (we're running a Torchwood-related programme item "Vote With Your Arse" at yearoftheteledu). There are thirteen episodes, although with things like rail travel and shopping taking up some of the time we only managed to watch the first nine of them.

The exercise confirmed my previous view, that I'm really better going off to the kitchen to make coffee at the start of episode three ("The Ghost Machine") and not coming back until it ends. It also reminded me that episode nine ("Random Shoes") really isn't terribly good and has the weakest four or five minutes of the entire series at its closing.

But you can all agree or disagree with me about various things throughout the show at our Teledu programme item in a few weeks.

In other news, seph_hazard really likes cucumber and I really like double cream.

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