Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

What I'm Looking Forward to at Year of the Teledu

tregenza asks "What are you looking forward to at Year of the Teledu?"

Well, there's a lot going on. And on a few occasions I find that I won't be able to go to an item I might have wished to attend because I've been timetabled opposite it: One of the "Vote With Your Arse" sessions I'm doing with seph_hazard clashes with Julia's "Make a Chocolate Alien", while the other clashes with watervole's Poi session, and my Origami workshop clashes with Julia's H G Wells talk.

I'm also introducing people to the delights of Whip Making, hosting a Violet Wand Demonstration and running a Bondage Workshop, in all cases as a double-act with watervole. Bit of a theme there, it seems.

And of course there's Moneyman, a Superhero Comedy by littlemissjane.

But what, I hear you cry, of my activities as a regular punter? Do I ever go to bits of programme that I'm not actually involved in helping to run?

Ah, well, I'll probably take my turn at the microphone during Grumpy Old Fan. I may yet put something together for the Cabaret and I'm practically certain to take an interest in the LFF Auction. I should find out more about 3D photography... and, as others have said, the Dead Dog Party is always worth a try.

So that's Year of the Teledu, 20th-22nd July in Leicester. Looks like it'll be a lot of fun.
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