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I needed to change the tariff that my PDA was on, and as part of that process I've ended up with a new handset. It's an HTC Advantage, badged as a T-Mobile Ameo.

I like the tariff: it's T-Mobile's "web and walk" added to their very smallest voice contract, and it means I can hammer the Internet unmetered without incurring additional by-the-byte charges. Although I haven't measured the rates, it seems to get traffic backwards and forwards through the connection faster than the old one used to. I like the handset: the keyboard will take some getting used to but that's only because it differs from the previous handset (as in the icon), and it's got generally more storage and it's a bit faster. And the thing comes with GPS, that thing with the satellites that tells you where you are, where you should be driving next, and so on, which is going to be really useful to me.

I've had one issue with the unit -- the GPS software wasn't included in the box. The manual says that you just install it from the application CD that came with the unit ... but the software isn't on the CD.

And it's taken me an hour and a half in the showroom, another hour and a half on the phone to customer services, and another hour and a half in the showroom demanding a full refund, in order to get them to give me the software which should have been included with the unit in the first place. This is not good customer service.

But I've got the software now, and it works, and it's a very nice handset. Hurrah!

[Techie note -- Windows Mobile 5, even in this latest incarnation, still doesn't understand wildcard SSL certificates, which I find completely bizarre, so I've cut a new SSL certificate with a regular Common Name, which is a bit of a pain... and it doesn't natively trust the Root Authority I've used (Equifax), although pretty much all current desktop browsers do, so I've had to import the Equifax root certificate, which actually wasn't particularly difficult.]

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