Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

Julia's mother's CRUK thing

julia_winolj's mother is still stuck in hospital, but that hasn't stopped a small army of her friends from Beaconsfield Friends of Cancer Research UK from descending on the house and holding a garden party to raise funds. This is the same event as the one I went to last year, in the few days after Susan died. Last year I charmed the socks off large numbers of old ladies; this year I seem to have done the same, with the added bonus of demanding entrance money from them. I had ten raffle tickets; Julia had charge of her father's ten, after he had fled when the punters had started to arrive. His winning ticket was amongst the first few to be drawn, and Julia returned from the pile of prizes with a DVD player, which she presented to me; my brief pang of guilt was slightly lessened when one of my own tickets was drawn and she chose a small box of candles for her father, and then dispersed completely when several more of each of our numbers were drawn in quick succession.

In other news, I may have passed my cold on to Julia. It's good to share.

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