Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

Permanent accounts, and transfer of unused paid time

When an LJ account which was previously a paid account becomes a permanent account, the excess unused paid time can be transferred to another account.

One of my other LJ accounts has been gifted with permanent status. Many thanks to my benefactor. As a result, I have a little over 300 days of paid time which I can transfer to another user, which leads to an obvious question: to whom?

Poll #1011933 Transfer of unused paid time

To whom should the unused paid time be transferred, and why?

Someone who'd actually make good use of the paid features would make a good nominee. Nominating yourself is quite legitimate, but you should also feel free to suggest someone else. And be sure to say why as well as whom. The comments section is available if you want to influence the nominations of others.
Tags: polls, using lj

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