Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

Dead server

Argh, my 2003 server at home has died... and I'm not going to have time to rebuild/reinstall/restore until Tuesday or so. Boo.

(This will mean I can't tunnel home, because it's my domestic SSH server, and I therefore won't be able to connect to any of the other servers at home while I'm away. Also this machine is my main file server for random crap I need to dump somewhere temporarily, and the server onto which I back up /home/dougs from the laptop. If I need to get at any of those files in a hurry it'll mean getting those disks out and plugging them into something else. I've moved domestic DHCP and DNS back onto the router. Also it's my big-files-download client, so I'm very glad this didn't happen while Doctor Who or Torchwood were being transmitted.)

Fortunately my email is hosted on a different machine, and is unaffected. Also the Stepson has his own server, so he's likely not to notice.

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