Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

The weekend starts... ummm... back then, actually.

purple_peril's birthday party on Saturday. I was lucky enough to find a book with a purple cover and purple wrapping paper, and I was quite convinced I had some purple ribbon at home but I just couldn't find it when the time to wrap came round so the parcel featured an old bit of red string instead. I went down to her house and partied industriously until about 2am. There was a great deal of food and drink and lots of interesting people. New sightings included a thoroughly cider-bound andrewwilde and a delighfully corset-bound meme_me, both of whom were entertaining in quite distinct ways. The late evening mostly involved a small group of us sat watching a very drunk hostess stroking a big red balloon and giggling a lot.

Sunday morning involved a great deal of strong coffee and startling quantities of potato salad. Bacon and sausages were in evidence. I left at around 2pm via Bristol Parkway (knocking a couple of hours off the_major's train journey), home to recharge tech, and then off to julia_winolj's father's house overnight ready for Monday, the subject of my next post.

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