Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

Julia Was Here

I've just had Julia here for the last 24 hours. She turned up at about teatime yesterday, and she's just left to head off to her father's for the evening.

She peppers her conversation with movie references, and since I've only ever seen about five movies most of these references are completely opaque to me. She's resolved to educate me in the ways of movies, for which purpose we went to see The Simpsons Movie last night, which was really jolly good in just the way you'd expect it to be from having seen the title. There was pizza afterwards, and then we went to bed.

Out of bed just in time for breakfast lunch, and then another couple of hours just sitting around on the sofa together, very pleasant.

She's off to her father's overnight (about an hour away), and in a while I'm going to head off elsewhere for the evening. Tomorrow morning she's going to come back here and wake me up so we can have a day out together somewhere, and then we have another night together before I drag her off to Church, since I pepper my conversation with liturgical references which are completely opaque to her and I feel her attempts to educate me ought to be reciprocated.

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