Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

Washing Machine

Back at the end of April, my tumble drier died and had to be replaced. I tried to work out how old it was and I couldn't -- more than fifteen years, certainly.

Now my washing machine is dead. It was purchased on October 5th 2001. It had a new drum assembly, motor drip shield and belt on April 15th 2004, under warranty. The warranty expired on October 4th 2006. I've had the lid off, and it's not anything obvious -- none of the pipes are blocked, the drum goes round and the water comes in and goes out ... but it panics and goes into running-slowly mode when it tries to spin and the clothes, as well as still being wet, don't get clean. It doesn't complain about an unbalanced load, it just fails to clean and fails to spin.

Looks like I'm going shopping, then. *sigh*

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