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Poetry, the thief of time

Well, it's gone two in the morning and I'm still awake, despite the last three days.

It's all the fault of that peteyoung. Grrr.

See, what happened is, he said to me "Got any poems? Sort of science-fictional ones?"
I said to him that he could use a ring of nine haiku that I'd written last October.
I looked around on the server, found the file, emailed the text to him.
This was all well and good, and happened about three hours ago.

After all this, I went to bed.

And I couldn't sleep. Ideas for a new poem kept obtruding. So I gave up, got out of bed, and sat down to write.
After peteyoung has published, I'll post it here. But I'll drop a couple of teasers now.

It's an unusual meter. 6, 6, 4, 6, 6, 6, 4, with the stresses on the first, fourth and sixth syllables.
X x x X x A
X x x X x A
X x x B
X x x X x C
X x x X x C
X x x X x C
X x x B

The third and seventh lines are identical.

I find it hard, usually, to work with such short lines, particularly with the requirement to conform to a stress pattern and a rhyme. Short lines aren't so bad with a purely syllabic form like a haiku. My native format is either haiku or iambic heptameter, which gives me a wonderfully roomy fourteen syllables.

Nevertheless, I did it. I kept to that rigid structure for six whole stanzas. It flows almost like prose.
I'm absurdly pleased with myself.

But the most pleasing thing about it is not the meter, or the content, or the cadences of the language. I've been able to use a line which I've been wanting to elbow into a poem since I first heard it at the beginning of last June. It's an odd line, but it fits perfectly in context with the rest of the stanza in which it lies.

Yes, it's true, at last I've written a poem containing the line "Bend it like Boromir".

Yay me.

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