Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

Birthday Plans, September 22nd

It's been too long since I made a substantive post, so here are plans for my birthday celebrations.

On September 27th I'll be 42, which in some circles is considered a fannishly significant age. Because the calendar gets so full so very easily, I'm holding the birthday celebrations on Saturday September 22nd, in London.

I'll be starting the day in the Victoria and Albert Museum in South Kensington at around 11am, with some general agenda-free wandering around, pointing at things, and going "oooh". We'll be there until about 1pm.

At around one o'clock, we'll all gather in the front hall, and set off in pedestrian convoy towards St James Park, where we'll have an afternoon picnic. We'll be in that portion of the park which lies to the east of Buckingham Palace, south of The Mall, and immediately north-west of the bridge -- say about here. We'll sit around in the sun eating and drinking and making fun of each other, between about 2pm and 6pm.

When the light begins to fade we'll make our unsteady way to Doggetts Coat and Badge (site currently down, but we live in hope -- try here instead) for an evening's drinking. Note that Polyday is being hosted upstairs in the same pub on that day, and I'm sure a number of my friends will be heavily involved there, but by the time we arrive at sort of 7pm it'll all have degenerated into Disco and you can all come downstairs and have a drink with me between dances.

You can walk from the V+A to St James Park in about three quarters of an hour. St James Park to Doggetts is about the same. There are maps here and here. You can research buses and tubes using your usual techniques if you prefer, but you may find a ten-minute walk at each end which means you don't save much time. Or, of course, you could participate in only part of the day.

So those are the plans for the Saturday preceding my birthday. Oooh look, there's a link to leave a comment.

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