Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

Winspit Super Soaker Fight tomorrow

As described here.

The annual Supersoaker fight between the local Blakes 7 fans, the Hitchhiker fans from ZZ9, and any other fans who want to come along, takes place tomorrow (Saturday) at Winspit Quarry.

Meet at Wareham Station at 12 noon.

(Londoners -- you can get a train leaving Waterloo at 09:35, going through Woking at 10:00. You can get the 09:27 from Clapham Junction to change at Woking if you like. Croydon types can get the 09:00 from East Croydon to make the connection at Clapham Junction. With any of these plans, you'll arrive at Wareham at 11:46)

Bring a picnic, bring a towel, bring sensible shoes and a spare dry t-shirt. Bring a supersoaker if you have one.

In other news, since my handheld doesn't have a sufficiently capable Flash player, I won't be able to play Scrabulous for most of tomorrow. Be patient, I'll catch up in the evening.

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