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Seventeen months.

See, I think I'm doing so well ...
... and then it comes and bites me when I'm not expecting it.

What bit me? Annabelle Miranda Beattie's Untitled fic 1/4.

I'm sat here minding my own business, not causing anyone any trouble.
I'm reading a bit of fan fiction, and someone's wife dies in the first act. In the fourth paragraph, ffs.
I couldn't help her medically, so I helped her emotionally, lying beside her and she died with her head buried to my chest as I tried to ease her pain with my love.
Suddenly the screen's all blurred, I can't breathe properly and there's this strange wet stuff falling off my cheeks, dripping onto the laptop and diluting my coffee. Four paragraphs, and I've got 100-plus Kb still to go.

I feel stupid now. I thought I was past all this.

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