Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer


Erm, yes. I went to Novacon. I've done a week's work at a client, turned up knackered on Friday afternoon, and sat around looking dazed on Friday evening. Saturday during the day I participated fully (ie, had conversations in the bar). However I spent most of Saturday night sleeping spectacularly badly because of joint pain and toothache (note to self -- visit dentist). As a result I spent most of Sunday asleep, finally coming down to go out for a meal at about 6pm and then spending the ensuing evening sat around looking dazed until I went to bed again. And then on Monday morning I drove back to the client and carried on working.

So not the best Novacon ever, for me at least. But it was a good excuse to spend the weekend with julia_winolj, so that's good.

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