Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

What I've been doing over the last week and a half.

So something happened which rather conditioned my activities over the last week. Rather conditioned my state of mind too. But more of that anon.

Meanwhile, on Saturday 8th, I installed four new servers, 22 new desktops and 16 new laptops at my accountant's offices. We retained a handful of older machines, the most recently acquired before the upgrade, but otherwise all of the old servers and workstations were going and we were rolling out a new Active Directory domain, new Exchange infrastructure and all the rest. I've been installing and testing stuff for a while, and on Friday evening all the users had been instructed to dismantle their old PCs and stack them in an unused office.

On Saturday I cleared the rack and installed the new servers while a bunch of the girls from the office deployed the new machines. It all went very well. We finished around tea-time, very pleased with what we'd achieved, and looking forward to the inevitable mayhem on Monday morning when the users were let loose on the new systems.

I was timetabled at their offices for the first four days of the ensuing week.

And then on Saturday evening I returned a call from Alison, Blair's wife. Long-time readers will have heard me talk about Boss B -- he and I have worked alongside each other for about the last ten years, I've known him for about fifteen.

It seems that Blair had died on Friday -- she'd discovered him dead at home on Friday evening. He was only a couple of years older than me.


There's lots of sorting out to do, stuff I could usefully have been doing on Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday, and I was committed to being on-site for support at the accountant's offices. So I've been doing both things for the last week -- on-site support of a new network installation, and sorting out what's going to go on with the services that Blair and I were offering jointly.

So on Friday I toured the London clients bringing them the news and assuring them of our intention to continue to offer the same level of service, and trying to get hold of some friends for whom his wife didn't have contact details. I've now completed that process, and I'm now therefore posting the news here.

<mode understatement> I would sooner this hadn't happened. </mode>

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